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Year in Review: Our Favorite Moments of 2017

We love the idea of a new year- It is not only the perfect opportunity to plan our adventures for the year ahead but also our favorite time to reflect on the year that has gone by. There were so many memorable moments in 2017 but here are a few that stuck with us the most! Enjoy and happy travels in 2018!

1. When we sipped from the source...

What exactly does freedom taste like you ask? Leave the water bottle behind, grab a [metal] straw and trek on out to your nearest glacier to find out! During our latest Iceland excursion, we went right to the source for our refreshments after an adventurous morning of glacier hiking, ice climbing and cave exploring.

2. When we got hitched!

Okay, so we sort of cheated here. Last June, Co-Founder Lystina Kabay and I decided to take the plunge, both literally and figuratively! Believe it or not, our wedding was not a BTM sanctioned event, but it might as well have been! After all, 100+ people were traveling from all corners to celebrate with us, what sort of friends would we be if we didn't provide some adventure just days before!? Did I mention our raft, the one holding the bride, was the only boat to completely flip?

3. That time we camped behind a waterfall...

Sore, tired, and filled with joy we fell asleep to the natural symphony of rushing water, a crackling fire and the songs of the Costa Rican rainforest. We've been back to this spot on numerous occasions and each visit we are reminded of just how grateful we are to be in such a magical landscape, let alone bringing others to share it with us.

4. When we let it all go...

Everything: Fear. Uncertainty. Expectations. EVERYTHING! We stripped it all away to the bare bones and for once, life was raw. Life was intense. And we could feel it all. We spent an unforgettable Thanksgiving break in North Carolina exploring caverns, summiting mountains and building friendships with Nova Southeastern University students. Sometimes, the trips closest to home can be the most magical. Simply put, it was the best way to end our 2017 Beyond the Map travel season.

Make 2018 the year of ADVENTURE!

Whether it is glacier hiking in Iceland, sleeping beneath the stars in Oregon or snorkeling with whale sharks in the Yucatan, we invite you to join us to make 2018 the year of adventure!


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