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why travel with us

From large tour companies to bargain "coupon" vacations we understand you are surrounded with countless options, so why travel with us? At Beyond the Map we are driven to provide authentic and enriching experiences by sharing our years of unforgettable journeys and also continuing to discover this world alongside you. We truly believe that your experiences should travel home with you long after you have returned.

Say goodbye to "vacations"

& hello to living.  

Six reasons you'll be traveling with us

1. You'll Travel Beyond the Map

Forget the standard tourist track and guide book stops, we've spent years researching and visiting each location to find truly unique travel experiences.

2. We Take Care of the Research  

Our team works tirelessly to plan all aspects of your trip so you don't have to do a thing! We personally visit each and every location to meet with locals, read hundreds of blogs and listen to hours of podcasts to unlock the most unique and enriching experiences for our travelers.


3. You Can Travel for Free

Yes, free! Organize a group of travelers and as the group leader, your trip is absolutely free!


4. We Customize Your Trips

Every traveler is different, so why should our trips all be the same! Have a budget in mind, short on time or have specific interests? Not to worry! Our trips are made for you! 


5. Worry Less, Enjoy More

Our trips are built to be all-inclusive experiences so that you can worry less about your wallet and more about that epic view ahead! Forget all of the "extra activities" and sun-burnt tourist, we've handpicked only the finest!


6. Our Team is the Best! 

No really, they are! We are a small team that offer big opportunities! Each team member has personally visited each location and with over 25 years of experience, our grassroots team is able to offer experiences unlike any other! 

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