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Adventure. This word gets tossed around loosely these days. To one individual an adventure could mean wondering the bustling streets of a city or scaling a treacherous peak, to another, it could simply involve an eventful trip to supermarket. Because of this, we dedicate ourselves to offering experiences that are sure to find the boundaries and comfort limits of each of our guests...because after all, that's where adventure truly begins! So whether that involves camping in the jungles of Costa Rica or simply boarding an airplane to Iceland, we have a travel style to fit everyone. Check them out for your self by pushing that button..yep...that one right there!



We protect what we love. The guests that travel with us understand just how vital the environment is for our well-being, both physically and mentally. Nature is what ignites us, refuels us and keeps us moving throughout our landscapes. Sustainable travel practices are a primary focus for each and every trip.



Don’t just visit, live it. Our trips provide authentic opportunities to engage with the local communities. Enjoy a local home cooked meal, perhaps an impromptu jam session or maybe a tour of the backroads when you become a part of their culture. Prepare yourself for inspirational travel quote in 3..2..1..  

"Travel does not exist without home...if we do not return to the place we started, we would just be wandering, lost. Home is a reflecting surface to better understand the places we have been."

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Did you know the average time spent admiring the Grand Canyon is 12 minutes! We are dedicated to providing trips that are rooted deeper then simply capturing a selfie, posting an Instagram photo or checking items off the bucket list! Our trips are crafted to be enriching experiences that promote curiosity, reflection and exploration. Our guests leave with lasting memories and life changing memories because they are stimulated both physically and mentally.   

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