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So, you're not the everyday traveler? Sight seeing...eh not so much, but adventure! Now that's what gets you movin' and shakin! These trips are for those that like to explore the unknown, re-route pass most of the common stops and find uncharted territory! Many of these trips are focused around outdoor activities but are adapted to fit the full spectrum of skill levels! So whether you're a seasoned adventurer or just starting out- these trips are for you! 

Our guest's LOVE these trips- and rightfuly so! Can you imagine only visiting bustling New York City or small town Bagley, Iowa and thinking you have a jist for what the United States is like? Our "Road Tripper" experiences offer a well rounded adventure that combine iconic highlights and off-the beaten path excursions. You'll return home with authentic experiences, a true understanding of the country and maybe a pinch of wanderlust!      

The "Explorer" experiences are designed for our travelers that enjoy more specialized experiences! Do you enjoy discovering the local landscapes while backpacking from the trail or meandering through side alleyways in search of hidden cafe's and eateries? Perhaps you'd rather take in the historical archetecture and get a taste of the local flavors? These trips are specifically designed for you!       

When we ask our guests "why not travel more?" the number one response is always the lack of funds. We believe travelling is essential to growth & knowledge. Travelling is a vital component of life, not a luxury that maybe makes it way into our lives every few years. That's the very reason we've worked to design these budget friendly trips without breaking the bank! These trips typically involve shared accomodations, hostels or camping in place of those over priced resorts- who wants to sit in a room anyways!      

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