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Becoming the Gift Guru

As we near the quintessential day of gift giving, I cannot help but to look around and assess the material possessions in my home. Which items add comfort, peace and joy into my life and which ones act as constant burdens and hinder my well-being. I notice that the items that bring the most joy into my life are also the items that are connected to a memory or form of lifestyle, such as a piece of equipment to get outdoors or a yoga mat. With the holidays just around the corner, you may be looking for that perfect gift to bring joy into your loved one's life. We've compiled a few simple items that have brought happiness into our lives and maybe they will for your friends and family as well. Enjoy and happy holidays!


1. Reading Inspiration:

Whether it is an inspiring adventure to a far flung locale or a guide book to a bucket list destination, a good book is sure to capture the imagination of your loved one! There are SO many good books but here are a few of our favorites.

Perfect for the young explorers, The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth is a tale about a young boy who asks the Earth where he can find happiness. The Earth responds and sends the boy on a journey to some of the landscapes that make the Earth most proud. In the end, the boy learns that happiness is harder to find than he expected.

Use "CBHOLIDAY25" for 25% off!

Other great books to gift

- My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George (ages 8-12)

- Downriver by Will Hobbs (12+)

- The Emerald Mile by Kevin Fedarko (16+)

- Trail maps & guide books for an upcoming trip


2. Gift a skill:

There's no better gift than the opportunity to learn a new skill- bonus points if you join the receiver on this journey of higher learning!

The gift of communication such as babbel or Rosetta stone

If you like to travel, odds are you have found yourself stumbling over your words in attempts to ask questions like "How much will it cost to jump out of that plane?" or "Is this insect edible?" The truth is, the best stories and experiences are discovered through conversations with the locals.

Other great skills to gift

- Music is the universal language, give the gift of a music lesson at your local shop or online

- Snowboarding, rock climbing, paddling or biking lessons at your local shop or your nearest REI


3. Gift an experience:

Remember the movie kit gift? It usually included a popcorn bucket, some candy and tickets to go to the theater. Sure, this was great during it's time, but you can do better! Taking that same concept, you can gift an experience while still giving your friends and family something to open! Here are a few of our favorite experiences to give (and to receive!) as gifts!

Family outing to your local trails- check out Alltrails for some ideas!

Grab a printed out map (way more fun in hand!) and highlight your route. Throw in a pair of trekking poles and a compass and you have yourself a memorable gift that will last long after those toys or trinkets. Snap a photo of your trip, print and frame it and the gift keeps on giving!

Other great experiences to gift

- Grab your bikes or take a walk around an unfamiliar town and explore a new coffee shop, brewery or art gallery.

- Plan an excursion for your loved one that will surely be unforgettable! Whether it is Ice Climbing in North Carolina, Rafting in Oregon, or snorkeling with Whale Sharks in the Yucatan- this gift will be one that lasts long after the holidays!

Looking to give a gift that will last a lifetime? Check out our 2019 Trip Experiences or customize your own trip!


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