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Don't be bashful, take a minute and get to know our team. Chances are, you'll be seeing us again!  

Gabriella Boll

My passion is about travel, education and outside spaces and places. As a kid growing up we lived in Asia, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and the West indies and traveled to more than 20 countries before I turned 12. My fascination has always been the outdoors, learning about nature and how cultures live.

Lystina Kabay

Hi fellow adventure seekers! My favorite memories growing up were spent on a trail in the woods or carving fresh powder. I earned my master's in Marine Biology, so if I'm not in the mountains, you'll most likely find me underwater SCUBA diving! Join as we explore Beyond the Map!

Cody Bliss

Sharing the outdoors and providing new experiences for others is my life passion. My trips are crafted by the idea of pursuing and learning about the unfamiliar. I believe these experiences are what make people become more complete and a trip more memorable. Life begins Beyond the Map!

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