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Because we're all different...

Custom trips are our specialty! No really, they are! Almost 85% of our trips are custom trips designed to meet the needs of the individual groups and participants. Because we're a local grassroots organizations, one of our skilled team members will work directly with you to create a carefully crafted experience that meets the interests and abilities of your group.


Here are the top 3 things to know about customizing your experience:   ​​


1. Your trip, your budget

Many people have the misconception that customizing a trip is for the rich and famous. That couldn't be further from the truth! In fact, customizing a trip helps us target the activities and accommodations to fit your travel style and budget. Want to camp next to a glacier for a week and eat camp food, let's do it! Looking for something a bit more relaxed and luxurious, we can do that too!


2. What's Your Interest?

The majority of our trips come from previously organized groups. Many of which have very specific interest. We've restored rainforests in Costa Rica, led professional development exercises in Iceland, learned about cultures and lifestyles in Peru, taught photography workshops in Utah and have facilitated yoga retreats in Oregon.


The groups that customize their travel with us generally include middle & high school students, community service groups, university groups, outdoor recreation groups, team building groups, professional development groups, photography clubs, families, yoga studios, and experiential learning groups.   


3. Destination Adventure!

Almost all of our locations can be customized to fit your interests. In fact, we have even developed trips to entirely new locations when a group has been interested. If you don't see a location on our website, contact us to discuss developing a new trip to fit your adventurous spirit! 


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