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Finding Your Flow: Six Benefits of Paddling White Water

“Live in the moment,” they say- so we silence our cell phones, attend yoga classes and even schedule time to be unplugged- all in an effort to shed the distractions from everyday life, to live simply and to be present in the moment. During many of these efforts, we still find ourselves within an arm’s reach of a distraction or almost immediately following our time of solace, we are thrown back into that bustling lifestyle. But what if there was another option, one that demanded your entire attention and focus; an activity that removed you from the everyday “hurry and worry” lifestyle and into a world of simplicity and nature. Since the beginning of time, people have been turning to nature for the regenerative power of the outdoors. There is no better environment to find your flow and let go of your worries than on a river- and scientist agree too! Here are six scientifically proven reasons why setting out on a river improves both physical and mental fitness!

1. Confronting Chaos

For novice paddlers, a river often looks like a constant flow of disorder and chaos. On a river, you are often forced to confront these obstacles, make sense of what is in front of you and focus to act accordingly. When that series of rapids is directly ahead of you, there is no work that matters or chores to complete; there is nowhere else to be than in that moment!

2. Going with the Flow

What greater analogy for life than being on a river! Such as life, there are portions of the river where you will have complete control to navigate obstacles; while during other moments you must simply go with the flow of the river. Whatever section you are in, just remember that beautiful landscape that is all around you!

3. Take a Chill Pill

Nature can be healing- no really! Many participants who suffer from anxiety, insomnia and PTSD report a drastic drop in the need to take medications on and after their rafting trip.

4. Re-energizing Mind & Body

There’s very few of us that can live their entire life on a river or completely in nature, however, just a few short days immersed in nature can lead to months of increased productivity, positive fitness and diet choices and an overall sense of joy and positivity in regards to their outlook on life.

5. Confidence & Control

The unknown can be both equally fascinating and frightening to humans. There is no greater mystery than the twists and turns of a constantly changing river. Overcoming the unexpected mysteries of a river can build confidence in ones abilities to confront and overcome unanticipated changes in their own personal life.

5. A Spiritual Journey

Multiple nights surrounded by nature allows us to shed the complexities of everyday life resulting in moments of clarity and peace. This often acts as a transformative experience for our travelers, where they return home a different individual than they began. Much like a river, we are always changing form.

Experience For Yourself!

We invite you to have your own multi-day rafting experience and to let the river change you firsthand!


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