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Campfire Tales For Exploring Beyond the Map (UPDATED!)

Many of us may recall our first campfire. The smells, the tranquility, the comradery and oh yes, of course, how could we forget the ritualistic ghost story. These campfire tales are as old as the first circle of humans who crouched around an ancient fire - eyes glistening, faces flickering red-black-red.

We've compiled three of our favorite podcasts that embody the timeless tradition of spooky campfire tales. So whether you're around the glow of a campfire or getting lost throughout forest lined back roads this Halloween weekend- sit back, grip your neighbor tight and enjoy these ghostly tales.

1. The Dirtbag Diaries: Tales of Terror

For nine years in a row, the Dirtbag Diaries has delivered a spine tingling Halloween episode that is sure to have you looking over your shoulder on that next hike! Merging the great outdoors with supernatural spooks- well it doesn't get much better then that!

2. Lore

What can we say, we LOVE Lore. In fact if you've been on one of our trips, there's a good chance this podcast has made its way in the car during some portion of the drive. A fantastic mix of historic events and spine tingling tales that may keep you up at night!

3. Old Time Horror Radio Hour

The crackling sound of these relic radio shows is enough to make the heart race. Dim the lights, grab a beverage and enjoy these terror(ific) tales of murder, betrayal, haunts and supernatural delights!

4. Spooked by Snap Judgement (new!)

Our newest addition to the festive playlist comes from the infamous producers of the NPR podcast Snap Judgement- only these stories will having you sleeping with the lights ON!

From legendary saga's and sorcerers in Iceland to the mysterious vanishing fisherman in Costa Rica, there's tales of mystery and the unknown throughout all of our travels. Join us for your very own campfire tales during our Beyond the Map Trips! Visit HERE to begin your journey!

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