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Goodbye Vacations, Hello Experiences

Let's set the scene: you have two precious weeks off from work. This is the year, you're going to plan a nice vacation for yourself. Perhaps a cruise to the Bahamas or an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. The day has come and you depart for your epic trip with friends or family. The next week or two is glorious! Endless drinks, naps on the beach and maybe even an excursion or if you're feeling adventurous! And then, you've guessed it, the day comes that you must return home. The dread sets in and before you know it, you're home, back in to the routine and spending every moment at work daydreaming about days gone by on vacation. The feeling is almost unbearable until you slowly become complacent with home again. And just like that, the vacation is just a distant memory. But what if you replaced a vacation with an experience? An experience that didn't end the moment you returned home, but instead an experience that travels throughout life with you long after you've returned.

This is where Beyond the Map enters. With carefully crafted itineraries, we provide trip experiences that will ignite your senses, cultivate curiosity and leave you inspired and energized long after you've returned home. Here's three of the many ways that we help you have a lasting experience rather then fleeting vacation:

  • We travel beyond the tourist track to experience the most hidden and authentic locations

  • Customize experiences that allow travelers to explore personal comfort limits and boundaries

  • Develop enriching excursions that immerse each travel with the surrounding landscapes and culture

But don't take our word for it, try it out for yourself. Because an experience is something that cannot be captured in a photo or written in a blog- it is personal. So this year, skip the standard vacation and head out on a journey, navigate through an adventure...partake in an experience.

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