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Iceland: 5 Words That (try to) Say It All

Iceland is a journey to another planet- period. Travelers venture to this remote country for the rugged landscapes, exceptional outdoor activities and captivating saga lore. Here your imagination will be fueled and your sense of adventure will be ignited! Check out why Beyond the Map travels to Iceland.

1. Other Worldly

Plummeting waterfalls gushing from all seems, barren mountains painted with striking color patterns and geothermal hot springs bubbling flourescent colors- It's hard to believe that Iceland is a quick six hour flight from New York.

Image Source: DamPhotography

2. Fire

As one of the major hotspots for geothermal activity, its no wonder that Iceland is the leading pioneer in geothermal energy. They've harnessed this energy to produce heating for 90% of the population...not to mention those wonderful hot springs that have been integrated in to the everyday Islandic culture.

Image Source: StuffPoint

3. Ice

Iceland is a place of contradicting landscapes. Lush moss-covered lava fields scattered adjacent to turquoise blue glaciers, modern architecture against mystical backdrops and fluorescent northern lights dancing against the deep blue oceans. Each turn offers unusual and captivating sights.

Image Source: Einar Runar Sigurdsson

4. Wild

Weave along isolated roads in the Westfjords, trek across shifting glaciers or snorkel between two tectonic plates. Whatever your interests may be, its difficult to travel to this rugged country without experiencing the sense of adventure!

Image Source: Berglind Ros

5. Inspirational

Iceland is abound with dramatic, awe-inspiring landscapes that leave even the most seasoned traveler speechless. Its difficult to distinguish what makes this tiny island nation so remarkable. Perhaps its the majestic scenery, natural sense of exploration or rich Viking history- whichever it may be, Iceland is one country that make your heart race and mind wander.

Image Source: Thierry Bornier

Visit Iceland!

There's only so many words and pictures to describe Iceland's scenery and the adventures that await! One must simply visit Iceland to truly experience this transcending country. Visit or take a look HERE to join us on our next trip to Iceland!

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