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5 Ways to Travel While Stuck at Home

5 Ways To Travel While Stuck At Home

Not everyone can travel 365 days a year. Typically we encourage anybody and everybody to break the shackles of everyday life and find their way to a train, plane or automobile but the reality of it is- not everybody can travel every day of the year. There are only so many teachers that can work remotely, a mailman cannot deliver mail from Singapore and who would serve coffee if all of the barista's were globe trotting? Even if you are a seasoned nomad, odds are you are going to have some zero days at your home base. This collection is created for those moments- when you just cannot be away traveling but you still want to fuel the burning flame that is wanderlust. Activate these tips, tricks and suggestions and you'll be in the traveling mindset in no time!

1. Find the Unknown

If you think about the fundamentals of travel and start to understand why you enjoy traveling so much then you can start to find ways to incoporate that in to your everyday life. Our experiences at Beyond the Map have found that a vast majority of our guests travel to experience something different, to discover the unknown. This week, take time to get lost on unfamiliar backroads, stumble across the a hidden coffee shop the next town over. Who knows what other adventures may follow! If you're in a town or city, hop on a bike, you are far more likely to catch those hidden side streets on two wheels instead of four!

Image Source: Afroz Nawaf

2. It's All in Your Head

Nostalgia. Yep, those of us that have been infected with the travel bug are no strangers to those days. You know, the days where there's no where else you want to be then camping under the stars, laying in the grass beneath the Eiffel Tower or watching the sun set over the the glassy ocean. For this tip, unleash your inner child and pretend. Thats right, pretend! Set the tent up in the back yard or a local campsite. Maybe turn on Le Vien Rose and order some french cuisine and pretend you are in Paris. It may not be quite the same but you will spend the evening reminiscing and dreaming of these wonderful places...oh and you're garaunteed to have a blast!

Image Source: Andreas Ronnigen

3. Get lost...

Maybe pretending isn't your cup of tea- there's other ways to get lost in travel without leaving the comfort of your couch! Music, movies and books have the wonderful ability to transport you back to a previous experience or fill your head with visions of unfamiliar landscapes. Check out our list of top books that will inspire you to travel. Movie night? We've got you covered with our Movies that will make you move or grab our travel playlist, sit back, close your eyes and transport yourself to the destination of choice.

Image Source: Pavan Trikutam

4. Good Community

One way to combat the time spent at home is to surround yourself with like-minded globe trotters. Get together with that great community of friends that share your same travel and adventure passions! Go exploring together, have a bon-fire or grab a few drinks and swap travel stories. You'll not only be able to relive and share your favorite memories, you may even get inspiration from your friends for your next adventure!

Image Source: Ben Duchac

5. Start Planning

One of our favorite ways to pass the time when we are not traveling is planning to travel. Take an evening get some inspiration. Sift through magazines, the web, social media and don't forget our unforgettable trip experiences at Beyond the Map. Then, get planning! There are places to be explored!

We'd love to hear from you! Share with us your tips and tricks for when you're not on the road! When that next incurable urge to pull out the maps, pack up the bags and jet-set is just too much to resist, give a shout- we may have a few options for you. Check out our TRIPS page to see for yourself!

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