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7 Reasons Why We Love Oregon

From the high plateaus of Utah to the jungle lined cliffs of Hawaii there are endless wild places in the United States to capture our attention and while these places are unique in their own ways, we cannot help but to have an affinity for Oregon. Here's why...

1. The Natural Remedy for "Itchy Feet"

If you're reading this and are part of our travel community, odds are you find yourself with an incurable sense of wanderlust. In other words, you're one of those people that are planning your next trip the moment you return home. The truth is, few people are able to pick up and go as much as they would like to. So what is one to do with all of that in-between time? The answer is local excursions or "micro-adventures" and Oregon is just the place to do that! During a short weekend roadtrip, you could find yourself rock climbing high desert cliffs or surfing the secluded coastlines. Diverse landscapes are at your fingertips to keep you occupied until that next far-flung journey!

2. Forget "Netflix & Chill"

Relaxing in Oregon does not always translate into immobility. Instead of posting up on the couch and watching your Sunday fly by, why not head out to the expansive U-Pick farms or grab some coffee and take a drive....which brings us to number three.

3. Even the Roads are Scenic

Perched along the horizon, the Cascade Mountain Range appears almost to be a mirage off in the distance and can even be seen from several major highways making that commute to work a tad bit more enjoyable. If you're looking for a slower pace, take a cruise along one of the forty-plus scenic byways throughout the state.

4. Dogs Sit Shotgun

Simply put, Oregon is one of the most dog friendly states we have ever been to. From the restaurants to the rivers, the pups are free to join in on the fun.

5. It Rains

If you've ever heard a complaint about living in Oregon, it most likely had to do with the amount of rain certain parts of the state receive each year. Sure, it rains an obscene amount during a period of the year but that rain leads to lush green forests, swollen rivers and less trail traffic. So grab that rain gear and get out there until your perfect summers arrive!

6. Tunnels Lead to Hidden Beaches

So not all beaches are accessed through dramatic tunnel entrances but there are a few! The take home message here is that Oregon has over 300 miles of coastline that is open access to EVERYONE! God bless America!

7. The Outdoor Mecca

How do you spend your time outdoors? Are you a hiker, climber, biker or paddler? Do you cruise the coastline looking for the best surf spot or maybe you would rather sip on a local beer while soaking in a natural hot spring. Car campers and backpackers, weekend warriors and professional athletes all brush shoulders in the Oregon outdoors.

Experience Oregon for yourself!

Fall in love with Oregon as you raft through remote stretches of the Deschutes River. Find out more: Deschutes Overnight Rafting Trip


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