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Committed to experiential learning + Customized itineraries + Curriculum based experiences + inspire & volunteer 

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We've got roots!

Academic Commitment


Beyond the Map is the sister company to a 25-year-old informal environmental education company, Build-A-Field Trip. Opportunities to learn and grow as an individual are instilled in each and every one of our trip experiences!



Beyond the Map supports experiential learning. We believe the best lessons learned and opportunities to grow occur when exploring the world around us. Our curriculum based itineraries allow us to customize the curriculum so that you may accomplish the lessons of the classroom while under the canopy of the rainforest.    


The environment and natural world is the fuel that ignites Beyond the Map. It is our duty to conserve these amazing landscapes that drive us to learn and explore. Our founders began as marine biologists and strive to be environmentally sustainable every step of the way. 

Active Traveling 

Connecting our guests with the world around them is our number one priority. We believe that traveling should be an active pursuit, where you are both physically and mentally intertwined with your new and unfamiliar surroundings. This is when personal growth occurs and experiences are remembered.   

Immerse Yourself

Planning a quality experience for yourself can be challenging, let alone a group! Our trips are all-inclusive, so allow us to take care of the details so that the students can be fully immersed in their surroundings without being distracted.

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Risk management


Adventure does not translate into risk. Our team has decades of experience to mitigate dangerous or unwanted scenarios. From lost passports to complex, unplanned emergencies, our team is prepared and ready for the task at hand. What's most dangerous you ask? An unlived life!

What is adventure 3d 

Adventure 3D stems from the belief that travel and outdoor activities are more meaningful when approached as a multi-dimensional experience. Our adventure travel trips aim to offer more than a vacation but rather a transformative, life-changing experience.  

Adventure 3D
Benefits o student travel

benefits of student travel

1.  An enriching educational travel program will focus on developing a globally caring and conscious citizen. 

2. Travel provides authentic experiences that promote intercultural understanding and respect. 

3. Partake in intellectually engaging programs that encourage curiosity and foster academic achievement.

4. Experiences that advocate personal growth, social interaction and leadership skills necessary in a rapidly globalizing world. 

5. Travel assists in making practical connections between studies and the real world.  

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What are your objectives

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Curriculum based
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cOmmunity Service
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cultural immersion
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Alternative Breaks
Travel Objectives
get started teacher form

travel with us

Getting started

Choose a Destination

Are you interested in a specific location or open to suggestions? Explore Trips

Select Travel Dates

Determine whether you're restricted to certain dates or have flexibility. 


With Us

Ready to go? Still not quite sure yet? Send us a message to start the conversation.  

Next Steps


The Word

We provide you with a personal webpage, flyers & an online registration link to share. 

Let Us Take It From Here

Relax, we'll take care of the rest from here. From logistics to planning, we've got it covered.

Prepare For

The Trip

We work directly with students to prepare using our packing lists, webinars & pre-trip meetings.   

when you return



After the trip, we provide a post-trip survey and trip report with outcomes- your boss will love it!

Photos & 


 Surely there will be a ton of photos after the trip. We'll compile the group photos in a shared drive. 

Schedule Your Next Trip

Popular dates like spring break fill up fast. Don't forget to book next years trip!

Connect with us

connect with us

Thanks! We will be in touch shortly. If you need information immediately please give us a call at 724.757.6474

funding students

Funding your trip

Travel should be accessible for everyone. Because of that, we work one-on-one with you to design a trip that fits your budget. Here are a few more ways to help fund your excursion: 


  • All of our teacher-led trips include at least ONE FREE TEACHER and possibly more!

  • Combine with another one of our universities or schools 

  • Fundraise! Get started using our fundraiser guide below


Current Partners

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We have been working with Beyond the Map for the past two years and have only had great 
experiences with them. They deliver an all-inclusive educational experience that is unmatched by any other company in this field. 

—  Marcela, Associate Director of University Programs

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