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Six reasons you'll be traveling with us


When you see this stamp, think travel unicorns! That's right, these are our secret gems. By balancing our authentic Beyond the Map experiences with the "must-see's" of each destination you can rest assured that you are about to embark on a truly unique experience.

Scouting Trips

It may work for dating websites but not us! Relationships are built in person. Our team personally visits each and every location before offering it to you! This not only forms long lasting relationships, but it allows us to find the most hidden and authentic experiences.

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Friends Pay Off

Having friends pays off! Travel for free (yes, absolutely free!) when you get a group to join you on your travels! Maybe you're a teacher, a group leader or just have a great community of friends and family, well wrangle them together because there's places to be explored!

Worry Free

Carrying dollars just doesn't make cents (pun intended!). We want you to be fully immersed in your experiences without worrying about the stress of your wallet. This is why we offer the all-inclusive care-free services of a resort without ever sacrificing the quality of the experiences during your travels. No extra charges, no hidden fees.

Our Network

To travel like a local, you must know a local. Our team has worked tirelessly to form a large network of professional friendships around the globe. We combine a member of our core team with the irreplaceable knowledge of a local to ensure the most memorable and authentic experiences. 

Quality Team

Consider! We are a small team with big opportunities and we like it that way! With over 25 years of experience and fewer players in the game, we are able to offer services unlike any other. We form friendships with our guests and friends are always there from start to finish! 

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