Spain Rock Climbing
Days: 7
From: $2250
Style: Outdoor Adventure
Spain as a whole has more climbable rock than most other countries of its size. Because of this, climbers have traveled to this mecca to experience the famous routes first hand! This particular trip is focused in Rodellar, Spain. This small town is a tufa-climbing paradise, a perfect destination for both chilled sport climbing holidays and for pushing your grade. Apart from relaxing with a glass of wine, climbing huge overhanging walls of orange limestone is the most popular way to spend your days. There are only about thirty locals living in the village but the quiet settlement is surprisingly full of life. In summer, you can not only go climbing or canyoning, but also attend yoga classes, learn African dance, enjoy concerts, flamenco shows, and many other cultural events. Rodellar is hidden among the steep cliffs of the National Park of Sierra de Guara, west of Barcelona and about a one-hour drive from a small Aragones town of Huesca. The area is famous for its dramatic, beautiful scenery. A multitude of rivers and gorges makes Rodellar a world-class destination for canyoning as well.

Active Rating 

Nature Rating 

Cultural Rating 

  • Tufas, slopers, wide pinches, jugs, knee bars, drop knees, heel hooks and dynos are classics


  • Ascend huge caves and pumpy routes up to 40 meters high


  • Improve your climbing skills with trained professionals 

  • Discover canyoneering through deep gorges and refreshing rivers 

  • Stargaze while enjoying local beer and wine next to a campfire

  • Meander the quaint village of Rodellar


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