Oregon Multi-Sport
Days: 6
From: $1650
Style: Outdoor Adventure
San Fransisco has the tech industry, Miami has beaches and nightlife and Portland has outdoor recreation. Simply put, Oregon is heaven on earth for the outdoor enthusiast and is home to a wide array of nature loving individuals. From city dwelling weekend warriors to sponsored Red Bull athletes, it's no wonder that people have been flocking to this pacific wonderland! The Oregon Mult-Sport trip is perfect for those that want to delve deep into the outdoors and experience the endless amounts of adventures that await! From rock climbing to river rafting, hiking to mountain biking- Oregon has it all! 

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Nature Rating 

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  • Rock climb a volcanic basalt plug with views of Mt. Hood


  • Hike along ridgelines in search of hidden waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge

  • Raft down turquoise rivers and navigate class III-IV rapids  

  • Mountain bike smooth single track trails starting from the Timberline Lodge

  • Camp beneath the stars while enjoying local beer and wine next to a campfire


Day 1. Welcome to Oregon!

Our trip begins from Portland International Airport. Today will be a more relaxed day as you take in the sights and sounds of the the Oregon coastline. Meander along rugged coastlines, discover hidden beaches and watch the sunset over the mighty Pacific Ocean. Those interested in surfing can check out some of the iconic surf spots in the area. Tonight we camp on a secluded beach next to a flickering campfire. After our first group dinner, we will have an orientation to the adventures ahead! Accommodations: beach camping (hotel upgrade available)

Day 2: Waterfall Wonderland

The Columbia River Gorge divides the Oregon and Washington state borders. Along the steep river gorge lies an endless array of western history and waterfalls...oh so many waterfalls! We start the day with a few short hikes to some of the more iconic falls before heading out on a longer trek to a hidden waterfall that you can actually hike behind. Marvel at the tumbling river below as we make our way along the dizzying cliff edges that twist through this lush forests. Accommodations: camp

Day 3: River Rapid Adventure

Be prepared for an adrenaline inducing white water rafting adventure today! Venture through a remote stretch of river that churns some of the greatest rapids in this part of the country. This river has even attracted the likes of professional Red Bull atheletes! Keep an eye out for jumping salmon as you cruise down the crystal clear river. Finish the day with a hearty meal and fall asleep beneath the stars! Accommodations: camping

Day 4: Mt Hood Rock Climbing

Learn the ropes today as we hike to a locally famous climbing spot just on the outskirts of the iconic Mt. Hood. After a short hike, you will be greeted by a towering volcanic basalt plug that jets out from the earth. Enjoy an afternoon of climbing that is perfect for the first time climber all the way to the seasoned veteran. The climbs begin under the forest canopy, however, once you continue up, you will soon be rewarded with breathtaking views of the snow-dusted peak of Mt. Hood. Accommodations: camping

Day 5: Mountain Biking Mt Hood

Today starts with a shuttled trip up to the historical Timberline Lodge that sits at 6,000 ft. From here we begin our trip back down the mountain, only this time we ditch the pavement and grab our bikes! Descend over 2,000 ft in over 5 miles along this flow trail that is perfect for entry-level bikers or even advanced riders! Accommodations: camping

Day 6: The End of the Journey

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end...or do they! Although we head home today, the sights and experiences in Oregon will be forever a part of your life! Accommodations: your own bed!

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Breakfast, lunch  & dinner each day. Hangry-free guaranteed!

All activities outlined in the itinerary are included in your cost before you ever leave! 

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I would recommend BTM for any trip you and your friends want to go on, or to any organization interested in planning a trip... especially if you are interested in "getting out there" and not just stopping at the common tourist spots everyone goes to. 

This was hands-down one of the the most exciting, rewarding, and memorable trips I've ever been on! The peace of mind to know that I didn't have to worry about anything was worth every penny. All I had to do was show up. Cody and Lystina took it from there. No stress, no anxiety, no rushing around or wasting time trying to find an activity or a place to eat. I got to sit back, relax, and experience a whole new world that was far beyond my map.

Since I've been back I have recommended these trips to so many people because this company creates these remarkable journeys that allow people to experience the world in a unique way. I can't wait to go on my next expedition with Beyond the Map!

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