iceland Sampler
Days: 5 
From: $1850
Style: Classic Adventure
Iceland has become the beacon for travelers looking to experience raw, untouched nature. From boiling and bubbling turquoise springs to chilled iceberg filled lagoons, Iceland is a country where each turn leads to baffling, beautiful contradictions. The Iceland Sampler trip is perfect for those looking for a quick escape to the land of fire and ice. On this trip, you'll experience some of the highlights in southwest Iceland while also spending a day venturing far beyond the beaten path- something most passing through travelers don't have the opportunity to do! 

Active Rating 

Nature Rating 

Cultural Rating 

  • Hike to hidden waterfalls tucked away between moss-covered mountains


  • Enjoy a secluded hot spring heated naturally by the earth  


  • Scale towering, turquoise glacier walls while ice-climbing 


  • Marvel at the aurora borealis natural light show 


  • Trek across shifting glacier fields using an ice-ax and crampons


  • Feast upon farm to table meals while hearing stories of Viking folklore


  • Explore the eclectic capital of Reykjavik


Day 1: Welcome to Iceland

Hallo friends! The fresh Icelandic air will greet you as you exit the airport and meet your personal Beyond the Map trip directors. Most flights from the US to Iceland are overnight and arrive very early. Not to worry! Our first stop will be to a local bakery and coffee shop. Today we will visit the Icelandic history and Viking museum, stretch our legs on a hike through moss-covered lava fields and visit a geothermal swimming pool to mingle with locals. There will be free time to become oriented with the city before our first group dinner. Finish the evening with an entertaining ice-breaker game and an orientation to the adventures ahead! Accommodations: Private Hostel (*upgrade available)

Day 2: Waterfall Wonderland

Today we turn our bearings and head south to begin our journey into the natural landscapes of Iceland. In south Iceland we will be greeted by cascading waterfalls and black sand beaches. Our first stop will take us behind a towering waterfall and on a hike to another that requires an off-the-beaten stroll through a lush green valley. The next set of waterfalls can be experienced at the base of the falls where you can truly feel the power of this rumbling body of water! To fully understand the connection between the land and the sea, trek to the top of the falls where you can witness the fresh glacier water colliding with the mighty Northern Atlantic Ocean. By this point you will surely be ready to warm up a bit! We grab our packed lunches and towels and hike to a remote natural hot spring tucked between two mountains. We finish the evening with a traditional Icelandic dinner in the colorful town of Vik while watching the sunset over a black sand beach. Accommodations: Guesthouse

Day 4: Northern Lights & Hot Springs

Today we leave south Iceland and head back west to the famous town of Laugarvatn for some relaxation and natural hot springs. Those that haven't taken in enough nature will have the chance to visit some of Iceland's most famous sites including Gulfoss waterfall and local geysers. Spend the evening in search of northern lights while soaking in a natural hot spring. Note: For the truly adventurous, today there will be an option for a full day hike to a remote canyon and waterfall. Accommodations: Guesthouse

Day 3: Expedition Glacier

Okay so we're usually pretty subtle about our activities...but this is amazing, trust us! Get ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime as we join our local friends and daughter of Iceland's most famous alpinist for a day of glacier exploration. Today we will venture out on a hike to a portion of Iceland that is generally reserved for the locals! After donning crampons, an ice axe and a helmet, we will set out for a hike on a remote section of the glacier that can only be accessed on foot or using a super jeep. The stunning views from atop the glacier are only the beginning. After a full afternoon of awe-inspiring scenery, we will rope up and take a leap of faith over a 120 foot (36 m) ice wall and into a hidden, frozen world. The adventurous will have the chance to scale this wall using ice climbing techniques. Depending on the conditions, we may encounter an ice-tunnel or ice-cave on our way back. Be transported to another planet as you venture inside for a mind-bending experience of colors and light. After a full day, we will feast on a traditional Icelandic meal at our hotel. Accommodations: Hotel or Guesthouse

Day 5: The End of the Journey

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end...or do they! Even though we'll be heading home today, the experiences we had and friendships we developed, will stay with us long after we're home. Depending on departure times, some groups will choose a side excursion to the famous Blue Lagoon on the way to the airport. Accommodations: your own bed!

All inclusive convenience meets Beyond the Map adventure! We've thought of it all so you don't have to once you leave home!      

Local, private transportation. No random drivers, no cattle-herding tour buses!

Rustic & modern options available, depending on your style and budget. 
Breakfast, lunch  & dinner each day. Hangry-free guaranteed!

All activities outlined in the itinerary are included in your cost before you ever leave! 

From start to finish, we're with you! Unlike many companies, our expert guides are there 24/7 to provide unique information, answer questions and even deliver the occasional joke! 

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Support locals and small businesses 
Skip the tourist trails and get off-the beaten path
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Morgan Knowles

This was an epic adventure of all epic adventures!!!!! So much nature you would need to stay for a lifetime to see it all. It was also what I would like to call a multi-sense experience, EVERYTHING was engaged, sight, smell, touch, hearing taste, and the mind. 

Joe Jermain

The amount of knowledge you receive about your location, the folklore, your guides' attitude and personality are all key points on how they run. If you're only interested in the activities, then get ready to push your limits doing some of the most exhilarating activities. Bottom line, there is something for all; and Beyond the Map is the choice to make

Alison Levine

Everything was as planned and AMAZING!!! We cannot thank Beyond the Map enough for planning this trip for our family!

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