New Years Costa Rica
Dates: Dec 29 - Jan 2, 2020 
From: $1250
Style:  Outdoor Adventure
This Costa Rica Adventure trip is perfect for those looking for an action-packed trip jammed full of all the best adventures! We've taken what you thought you knew about Costa Rica, turned it upside down and shook out the hidden gems. Join us as we venture away from the crowds and live alongside locals, camp behind waterfalls in hidden caves and journey through the high elevation rainforest with a local family. Join us for one last adventure in 2019 and while you're at it, start the new year off with an equal dose of adventure, inspiration and relaxation!  

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  • Discover a new home camping in a cave tucked behind a hidden waterfall  

  • Embark on a journey through the jungle and navigate class III-V white water rapids


  • Meander through the rainforest in search of sloths, monkeys & other wildlife

  • Live with a local family on their self-sustained eco-lodge and organic farm 

  • Take the plunge and rappel over a 90 ft cascading waterfalls

  • Hike to a remote village that is only accessible by foot 9 months out of the year


Station Owner FAQ

What is the average power output? What size breaker does a station require? What type of connectors do they have?

7.2 kW. The station provides a power output of 30A at 208-240V AC. The IHD models require a 40 Amp breaker. The connector is the type 1 (SAE J1772) AC connector, which is the standard in the United States.

How are Livingston Charge Port stations mounted?

You have the option of mounting on free-standing poles, a wall, or even on the ceiling.

What payment methods are available for Livingston Charge Port stations?

Our payment kiosks allow for use of credit cards and employee or student RFID cards, as well as allowing for payment via mobile phone app.

How long do the stations remain active?

We utilize guidelines that have been set by New York State, which outline that once installed stations must remain active for five years.

How do you determine the best location for stations?

We work with our trusted engineers to elvaluate where the best place is at the site and work to find the ideal location for stations based on power availability. We work hard to find a place that works best for the property owner and the drivers while simultaneously keeping costs at a minimum.

Can I add more stations as demand in the EV market grows?

Yes! We are willing to add stations to an existing location as the market demand for electric vehicles grows. The demand for electric vehicles in NYS is expected to increase more than 18x to 850,000 EVs by 2025, and 2,000,000 by 2030. NYS's push to electric has allowed there to be great incentives and program options available to facilities who want to take advantage of this growing market, so we do our best to evaluate the demographics and growth in our program areas to set our clients up for success and an ability to be ready to meet this demand.

What are some features of a Livingston Charge Port Level 2 Charging Station?

The models of the Intelligent Heavy Duty (IHD) line of EVSE are Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations designed as an all-season solution with heavy duty housing and a 20 foot winter-ready cable. Some of the features of our stations include:

  • Monitor and control stations remotely
  • Managers have access to real-time utilization reports and station performance
  • Enable multiple payment methods for drivers
  • Drivers receive alerts when charging is complete
  • Owners receive automatic notifications when a service need is detected
  • The stations can be networked via Cellular, Wi-fi, or Ethernet connections, and are Zigbee enabled
  • The products are UL listed for safety and Livingston is dedicated to energy efficiency as an Energy Star Partner.
  • Livingston Charge Port stations are constructed in the USA
  • Station owner and general support available 24/7 by contacting

EV Driver FAQ

How do I start charging my vehicle?

Charging sessions are initiated through the Charge Port EV Charging mobile app.

For Apple users

For Android users

How do I start a charge?

Charging sessions are started through the Charge Port EV Charging mobile app.

To start a charge, you can select the location name from the Nearby Locations list at the bottom of the screen OR click on the icon from the map.

Select the Available station number that matches the number on the front of the charging station you are plugged into and click start charging.

Select the green Start Charging button

For certain charging station models with built-in retractable cords, selecting Start Charging will release the chord and allow for you to plug in your vehicle.

A notification will appear indicating your charging session has started, and from the home screen the lightning bolt icon will pulse.

How much does it cost to use a Livingston Charge Port station?

The fee to use a station is at the discretion of the station owner and varies by location.

Fees can be based on location, cost of electricity, time of day, EV driver type, or other factors.

How do I contact support for drivers?

If you have any questions, you can access our live support agents by selecting Call Support from the app Menu or by calling: 1-844-623-1001.

How do I pay with the Charge Port EV Charging mobile app?

Before starting your first charging session you will need to add a payment method to your account.

From the home screen, select Menu and then Payment Info and History

Select the add a payment method button and follow the prompts to enter your payment information, then select confirm.

The Charge Port EV Charging mobile app will charge the payment method in your account monthly or every time your pending transactions reach twenty-five dollars.

How do I stop a charge?

When you have completed your charging session, we recommend you tap the lightning bolt icon from the home screen of the Charge Port EV Charging mobile app and select Stop Charging to safely unplug your vehicle.

Disconnecting your charge cable will also stop the charging session.

All inclusive convenience meets Beyond the Map adventure! We've thought of it all so you don't have to once you leave home!      

December 29 - January 2, 2020 *


Fly to San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO). See itinerary for details.


$1250 All-Inclusive

*Can't make these dates? Get in touch and we'll plan a trip to fit your schedule!

Local, private transportation. No random drivers, no cattle-herding tour buses!

Falling asleep in the most unique locations...we've taken care of it all!
Breakfast, lunch  & dinner each day. Hangry-free guaranteed!

All activities outlined in the itinerary are included in your cost before you ever leave! 

From start to finish, we're with you! Our expert Costa Rican guides are there 24/7 to provide unique information, answer questions and even deliver the occasional joke! 

Why Travel With Us
Support locals and small businesses 
Skip the tourist trails and get off-the beaten path
Have a small group? Customize the trip for your specific interests 

Anna Susol

Those experiences, friendships and memories are irreplaceable. The BTM and international guides are there not just for information, but are real people who care and become your friends.

Emily Lowry

Beyond the Map is one of the best travel experiences I have ever had, if not THE BEST EXPERIENCE I have ever had! I loved every minute of it. The local partners and BTM leaders made us feel safe, encouraged us to explore and step outside our comfort zones and facilitated a friendly environment for everyone to get to know each other. The coordination of the trip (food, travel, lodging, adventures) was flawless! I would recommend BTM for any trip you and your friends want to go on, or to any organization interested in planning a trip... especially if you are interested in "getting out there" and not just stopping at the common tourist spots everyone goes to. BTM plans a truly unique experience. I will forever remember and cherish my time in Costa Rica and the friendships I made while there. Thank you Beyond the Map, I'll definitely be back!!

Kylie WIlkinson

This Beyond the Map Costa Rica trip has been one for the books! It allowed me to learn so much about myself and getting out of my comfort zone. I got to experience everything with a wonderful group of students who ended up being a support system the whole trip as I was to them! Every moment of this trip has been imprinted in my mind and I wish I could still be there!

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