Costa Rica Explored
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Costa Rica practically invented adventure travel and eco-tourism. For years, travelers from around the world journeyed to Costa Rica in search of their own unique adventure. Now it's your turn! The Costa Rica Explored trip is perfect for those that want to see it all! We've taken the classic Costa Rica trip and added our own twist! From the iconic cloud forests, volcanos and beaches, to the hidden corners of the country, we've uncovered some of the best kept secrets in Costa Rica and want to share them with you! 

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  • Soar through the cloud forest on the highest zip line in Costa Rica 

  • Discover a new home camping in a cave tucked behind a hidden waterfall  

  • Embark on a journey through the jungle and navigate class III-V white water rapids 

  • Meander through the rainforest in search of sloths, monkeys & other wildlife

  • Uncover the secrets in the underground caverns of Costa Rica

  • Live with a local family on their self-sustained eco-lodge and organic farm 

  • Take the plunge and rappel over a 90 ft cascading waterfalls

  • Experience the pura vida lifestyle from a hammock overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a morning yoga session or a bon-fire under the stars


Costa Rica

Day 1: Welcome to Costa Rica!

Hola amigos and welcome to Costa Rica! Arrive to Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose where our private transportation and Beyond the Map guides will be waiting for you with snacks in hand. Our journey immediately begins as we point our compass north and head towards the famous Arenal Volcano. Along the way, we will stop at a local soda (equivalent to a diner) for lunch or a snack. Tonight we stay at an eco-lodge and organic farm tucked away in the jungle. Spend the afternoon becoming acquainted with the local trails, soaking in the pool or relaxing in one of the many hammocks. Our first group dinner will be followed with a brief orientation to the adventures ahead! Relax, you've made it! Accommodations: Eco-Lodge

Day 2: Underground Exploration

Slowly wake up to the symphony of the jungle. After a hearty farm to table breakfast, we will set out to uncover a world hidden beneath our very own feet. Hike, crawl and squeeze your way through an underground cave system where you will be rewarded with secret waterfalls, towering stalactites and fluttering bats. Emerge from this parallel universe and treat yourself to a homemade lunch and beverage. Full of adventure and tasty food, we will depart from the cave and travel past the famous Arenal Volcano which looms ominously over vibrant green pastures at its base. Up until 2010, Arenal was once one of the most active volcanos on the planet. Now it sits quietly, still very much active and ready to erupt at any given moment. Enjoy the scenic ride through the countryside as we head towards our next destination- Monteverde Biological Reserve. Tonight we stay in a quaint lodge in the town of Santa Elena, which sits just outside of the reserve. Accommodations: Eco-Lodge or Boutique Hotel

Day 3: Cloudforest Crusades

Ease into the morning with a cup of locally sourced coffee and a stroll through the misty cloudforest. Keep a close eye out for the brilliant blues of the monarch butterfly, sleepy sloths relaxing in the branches above or the elusive resplendent quetzal. This afternoon we will trade in our hiking boots for a harness and a high flying adventure! Sure, ziplining may be as touristy as it gets but Costa Rica practically invented the activity and boasts some of the most exhilarating experiences in the world. It is impossible to travel to this country and not zipline at least once. After taking in an aerial view of the jungle, enjoy some free time before setting out on a night hike in search of glowing insects, nocturnal predators and fluorescent scorpions.

Day 4: Pacific Coast Quest

After a final breakfast in the cool climate of the cloudforest, we will head south towards the warm Pacific Coast. Watch the landscapes morph as we continue on our path dotted with sunbathing crocodiles, scarlet macaws and sun tanned surfers. Arrive in the backpacker town of Quepos that sits adjacent to the famous Manuel Antonio National Park. Grab your bathing suit and get ready to discover a slice of paradise. A short jaunt off-the-beaten path will lead us to a locals beach perfectly positioned between two mountains. Soak in the mighty Pacific Ocean, grab a fruity drink and listen for howler monkeys in the surrounding jungles. Note about today: for those looking for a more active experience, there is the option to skip the coastline and instead hike into a remote village for the night. Accommodations: Private Hostel (upgrade available)

Day 6: Waterfall Wonderland

Okay, so we don't typically say this far our favorite day of the trip! Today we embark on an adventure of a lifetime! After a short drive, we will arrive at a trailhead that will be the starting point for a 2-3 hour hike that will lead us to our own hidden oasis for the evening. With our overnight bag in hand, we will set out on this nearly vertical climb through the jungle, but not to worry, we have had everyone from the most fit athletes to the older, adventurous souls on this journey! Along the way, search for playful monkeys in the canopy and explore undiscovered taste buds when we stop to try exotic fruits and herbs at the high-altitude garden midway. The final stretch of the trail will guide us to a view that will have you questioning if you are in Costa Rica or the film set for the latest Indiana Jones or Hollywood adventure flick! Continue on behind a series of towering waterfalls and into the cave that we will be calling home for the night. The cave is outfitted with sleeping pads, a kitchen designed for royalty and fully functioning bathrooms. This evening we will watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean from atop a 120 ft waterfall...uh yeah, we know! Finish the evening dining by candlelight, enjoying a campfire overlooking the jungle and falling asleep to the soothing sounds of the waterfall steps away from our sleeping quarters. Accommodations: Cave "glamping"

Day 5: Jungle Rapids

Rain and water are the fuel for life in Costa Rica. Around each corner, waterfalls seep from the Earth and rivers carve their way through the jungle, shaping the valleys and coastal plains of Costa Rica. Today you will hop aboard a raft (or inflatable kayak for the adventurous bunch) and navigate down class III-IV white water rapids. Twist and turn along this remote stretch of river while gaining a true understanding of their importance to the local communities and also their raw power and ever-changing features. Along the way, stop for a lunch with a view and enjoy a refreshing dip beneath a nearby waterfall. Finish the day with a sunset meal at our eco-lodge overlooking the river and nearby banana plantations. Accommodations: Eco-lodge

Day 7: Highland Homestay

This morning we will take a short hike to a series of smaller waterfalls. Take the plunge from the top of a 30 ft waterfall or simply swim beneath the falls. On the way back, we will skip the trail and instead pull on a harness, rope up and step backwards to rappel off the 100 ft waterfall that we slept behind the night before. Before touching the ground, free hang for a few moments to take in the overwhelming beauty of the surrounding area and this seldom seen view. After lunch, we'll pack our belongings and begin the hike back to civilization. Our next stop will take us to towards the highest region of Costa Rica and to a local farm perched along the Cerro de la Muerte, or "The Mountain of Death." We will spend the remainder of the day learning the lifestyle of the local family on this farm and relaxing in this unique highland homestay. Reminisce about the adventures from the days gone by, tonight is our final night in Costa Rica. Accommodations: Eco-lodge homestay

Day: End of the Journey

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end...or do they! Although we head home today, the unforgettable experiences and new friendships will forever be a part of your life! We will head back to the airport where we began. Along the way, we will stop for lunch and a few obligatory souvenirs for friends and family back home. Accommodations: Your own bed!

All inclusive convenience meets Beyond the Map adventure! We've thought of it all so you don't have to once you leave home!      

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Rustic & modern options available, depending on your style and budget. 
Breakfast, lunch  & dinner each day. Hangry-free guaranteed!

All activities outlined in the itinerary are included in your cost before you ever leave! 

From start to finish, we're with you! Unlike many companies, our expert guides are there 24/7 to provide unique information, answer questions and even deliver the occasional joke! 

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Support locals and small businesses 
Skip the tourist trails and get off-the beaten path
Have a small group? Customize the trip for your specific interests 

Mike Dann

The Costa Rica trip met and exceeded all my expectations. Accommodations, at all levels, were a wonderful experience. Caving, Ziplining, Rafting, Repelling,Wildlife experiences, Local people. What could be better! The trip was well planned in order of easy experiences to more difficult as the trip progressed. Easing us old timers into it. Cody and Lystina were great hosts, guides, traveling companions and very conscientious for each of the team members. 

Steve Blatney

This was hands-down one of the the most exciting, rewarding, and memorable trips I've ever been on! The peace of mind to know that I didn't have to worry about anything was worth every penny. All I had to do was show up. Cody and Lystina took it from there. No stress, no anxiety, no rushing around or wasting time trying to find an activity or a place to eat. I got to sit back, relax, and experience a whole new world that was far beyond my map.

Madisen Gomez

Beyond the map is for sure one of the best travel companies you can go with. Everything they had us do was something I never thought I was capable of! I pushed myself & completed everything & it was just an amazing feeling. The things you see and the people you meet just makes the trip hundred times better! This was my first time in Costa Rica & I don’t think I would’ve had a better experience with anyone else! 

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