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Memory Log

Memory Log


Sure, a photo can say a thousand words, but who needs a thousand! Some of the best experiences are the small, fleeting moments that are often forgotten. You know those moments that you don't remember until you're having coffee with an old friend and they remind you, which is immediately followed by a "how on Earth could I have forgotten that!" ... well that's what the journals are for! Don't forget your memories- but is it memory if it's forgotten? Who knows, just get the journal. 


  • 100% Recycled
  • Journal and Pen
  • 7" x 5.5"dimensions  

    Morgan Knowles

    This was an epic adventure of all epic adventures!!!!! So much nature you would need to stay for a lifetime to see it all. It was also what I would like to call a multi-sense experience, EVERYTHING was engaged, sight, smell, touch, hearing taste, and the mind. 

    Joe Jermain

    The amount of knowledge you receive about your location, the folklore, your guides' attitude and personality are all key points on how they run. If you're only interested in the activities, then get ready to push your limits doing some of the most exhilarating activities. Bottom line, there is something for all; and Beyond the Map is the choice to make

    Alison Levine

    Everything was as planned and AMAZING!!! We cannot thank Beyond the Map enough for planning this trip for our family!

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