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The practice of gift-giving has been apart of humans since the beginning of time. This long-standing tradition was meant to convey a symbol of love, appreciation and gratitude towards friends and family. Which made us wonder, does a 60-inch tv really convey the message of love and appreciation? This year we're taking a different approach. This year we're giving the gift of laughter, the gift of new experiences, the gift of time together and the gift of memories.
This year, we invite you to join us in creating a world with less stuff and more memories with those we love.
Happy Holidays, 
Cody Bliss
Beyond the Map Director 


Step 1: Choose a trip
Step 2: Select a scheduled trip or request your own trip dates
Step 3: Contact us to book the trip
Step 4: Sit back & relax, we handle the rest! 
#Morememories details: Prices shown above under "featured trips" are already discounted. The 20% discount only applies to trips booked between the week of 11/17/18 and 11/24/18. Discount does not apply to any previously scheduled bookings. Discount will be applied for both groups and individuals. 
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