Because life looks a little bit different these days...

Founders, Cody Bliss and Lystina Kabay, discuss travel and the future of Beyond the Map...there may even be a dinosaur cameo 🦖 

Right now our world is experiencing an event unlike ever before. Covid-19 has impacted each of us in one way or another and we understand that once life resumes that traveling may look a little different. Here are a few steps that we are taking to ensure the comfort and safety of our travelers and local partners.


1. Small Groups, Big Adventures

Even before this event, we have always aimed to keep our group sizes small, averaging 10 travelers per trip. Now we will be accommodating group sizes as small as four people. That means the same friends and family that you've been quarantined with can also be your travel buddies! No strangers and no massive tour busses. 


2. Outdoor & Secluded Destinations 

We are focusing our upcoming trips on outdoor-themed experiences that guarantee an off-the-beaten-path experience away from the chaos of lines, packed tourist stops and crowded cities. 

3.Book Now, Travel Later! 

We all need something to look forward to. Continue to plan that epic adventure with the added security of our updated refund policies. If you book a trip for 2020 your deposit is 100% refundable- no questions asked. 

4. Close to Home Adventures

Not ready to jump on a plane yet? We totally understand and that is why we have created our Backyard Trip Series that focuses on close-to-home adventures right here in our very own backyard. Whether its a nearby camping trip or in the lesser-known outskirts of your favorite national and state parks, there's an option for everyone! 


Are you currently operating trips?

We have no interest in pushing travel before it is safe to do so and scientifically supported. That being said, as of May 1, 2020 we have begun operating trips within limited locations and group sizes based on CDC recommendations and on a trip by trip basis where it is safe to do so for our travelers, guides and local partners.

What locations do you recommend for travel?

Because this is a global pandemic, each location has been impacted differently thus making it incredibly difficult to answer this question. We are focusing on trips where the amount of people that we encounter is incredibly low. That means locations where we avoid large cities, do not pass through popular tourist destinations and are in more remote and secluded locations. We are also focusing on trips that are closer to home for most of our travelers. Right now we suggest locations such as Costa Rica, Puerto Rico or staying here in the wilderness areas of the United States.

What if I need to cancel my trip?

All trips booked in 2020 will be considered a part of our updated flexible booking poilicy. This inlcudes a 100% refund for any deposits paid towards your trip if you need to cancel- no questions asked.

What extra steps are you taking for safety?

As an adventure travel company, safety is our number one priority for our guests and for our guides. That is why we are only booking small, private groups at this time to ensure that you are surrounded only by those in your close knit group of friends or family. We are also continuing to follow social distancing precautions and focusing on activities that can adhere to these standards as well. We are also visiting remote locations away from large crowds or other groups.

Can I book travel for 2021?

YES! In fact, we encourage taking advantage of the cheaper rates for travel in 2021.

Recommended Trips

National Park Borders

Imagine the iconic landscapes of Zion, Yosemite, Smoky Mountains and others minus all of the crowds, chaos and lines. These trips focus on exploring the lesser visited outskirts of some of the most famous National Parks.

Oregon State Parks

Visit the often overlooked state parks and wilderness areas of this outdoor mecca. From waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and rocky coastlines, there's enough space to spread out in Oregon. 

Florida Springs Kayak & Cabin

Your own private cabin perfectly situated on one of Florida's crystal clear freshwater springs. Kayak, cannonball and stargaze at your secluded piece of paradise. 

West Virginia

Hike, bike, climb and raft your way through the remote wild and wonderful landscapes of West Virginia. You may be surprised at what you find when you set out on an adventure in this overlooked state!

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