Oregon Roadtrip
Days: 8
From: $1850
Style: Classic Adventure
Oregon boasts some of the most diverse landscapes jam-packed into a single state. Drive just a few hours and you'll witness the landscape morph in front of your very own eyes! From lush, moss covered forests, to dry alpine deserts, towering snow-dusted mountain peaks, and cliff-lined beaches, Oregon has it all! The Oregon Roadtrip is perfect for those that want to escape into nature and experience the very best of what this state has to offer. 

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  • Explore the reflective waters of Crater Lake National Park


  • Trek along ridgelines in search of hidden waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge

  • Soak in secluded hot springs tucked on the side of a mountain 

  • Hike on a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail that circles Mt. Hood 

  • Camp beneath the stars while enjoying local beer and wine next to a campfire

  • Scale the dizzying high-altitude dessert cliffs at Smith Rock State Park 


  • Raft turquoise rivers, rock climb basalt columns or mt. bike smooth single track


Day 1. Welcome to Oregon!

Our trip begins from Portland International Airport. Today will be a more relaxed day as you take in the sights and sounds of the the Oregon coastline. Meander along rugged coastlines, discover hidden beaches and watch the sunset over the mighty Pacific Ocean. Tonight we camp on a secluded beach next to a flickering campfire. After our first group dinner, we will have an orientation to the adventures ahead! Accommodations: beach camping (hotel upgrade available)

Day 2: Waterfall Wonderland

The Columbia River Gorge divides the Oregon and Washington state borders. Along the steep river gorge lies an endless array of western history and waterfalls...oh so many waterfalls! We start the day with a few short hikes to some of the more iconic falls before heading out on a longer hike to a hidden waterfall that you can actually hike behind. Marvel at the tumbling river below as we make our way along the dizzying cliff edges that twist through this lush forests. Accommodations: hotel

Day 3: Oregons Tallest Peak

Today we leave behind the lower elevations of the river gorge and climb towards the summit of the iconic Mt. Hood. Trek along a portion of the world famous Pacific Crest Trail as we ascend closer towards the snow-dusted summit of Mt. Hood. Pass tumbling waterfalls and jaw dropping overlooks. After a full day of hiking, we will make a stop at the historical Timberline Lodge and Ski Resort for some hot chocolate or a cold drink! Tonight we camp in the shadow of Mt. Hood and next to a tranquil lake. This spot makes for the best sunrise photos as Mt. Hood is often reflected on the lake! Accommodations: camping

Day 4: Deserts and Desserts!

Watch as the world landscapes change from moss-covered forests to staggering desert cliffs. Today we arrive at the Smith Rock State Park to scale the jagged peaks to the very top. Looking for a more adventurous route? Tie in and rock climb some of the most famous climbing routes in the US. After expelling so much energy, its time to treat ourselves to the delicious food and drink in the mountain town of Bend. This quaint town has been named as one of the top 25 best mountain towns to live in by Outdoor magazine. Accommodations: hotel

Day 5: The Deepest Lake & Hot Springs

Today starts with a trip to Crater Lake National Park. With a depth of 1,943 feet, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States - and one of the most beautiful. The water's intense blue color is an indication of its great depth and purity. Surrounded by cliffs, the lake is fed entirely by rain and snow. Scientists consider Crater Lake to be the cleanest and clearest large body of water in the world. We cap off the day with a trip to a secluded hot spring tucked quietly along the edge of a hillside overlooking a river. Accommodations: camping

Day 6: Cruising the Coast

Today we turn our bearing west and point our compass towards the coastline. Enjoy the scenic ride that twists along the edge of the waters and dips into the coastal mountains. It’s a little hard to imagine it now, as you drive along U.S. 101 — climbing over massive headlands and zipping by vast stretches of pristine beach — but this road known officially as the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway didn’t exist prior to the 1930s. Many of the beautifully maintained state parks, historic lighthouses, soaring sand dunes and bustling harbors along this 363-mile highway would have been difficult (if impossible) to reach by car just a few generations ago. Today Oregon’s impossibly beautiful Pacific shoreline remains relatively unspoiled by development. We stop along the way to explore the rugged cliffs, secret coves, forested sea stacks and colorful beach towns. Accommodations: camping (hotel upgrade available)

Day 7: Eclectic Portland

Keep it wierd- the slogan that can be found plastered on street signs and the side of buildings throughout Portland. Portland is a melting pot of experiences that make this eclectic town both interesting, and yes, even a bit wierd. Portland has been the leading the pack for years with award winning restaurants, mirco-breweries, gourment coffee and the most inventive mustaches. You've got to see it for yourself! Accommodations: hotel

Day 8: The End of the Journey

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end...or do they! Although we head home today, the sights and experiences in Oregon will be forever a part of your life! Accommodations: your own bed!

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